All students are encouraged to enjoy the process of learning about rhythm and drumming. Everyone has rhythm and everyone can learn!  Private lessons and group workshops in hand drumming are available. Private instruction is available on drum kit and practice pad.


Deke is available for private instruction on drum kit. Using a drum pad and a drum kit to teach the important rudiments of kit drumming, he shares experience, understanding, and excitement with all of his students. Specifics of style, creative applications of rhythm and sound and the importance of playing to the song are all covered. Students are able to transfer their skills to the kit with confidence. 

Rare vintage kits as well as Drum Workshop kits and digital instruments including the Roland HandSonic are used in class.   

Class focus includes -

  • Application of Rudiments to Kit
  • Timing
  • Posture
  • Derivation of Specific Rhythms
  • Rock & Roll, Blues, Jazz, ,Funk & more

  All ages and levels are welcome.           


Deke is available for private and group lessons on djembe and other percussion instruments. Private classes can be scheduled singly or on an ongoing basis. Group classes can be scheduled as an introductory single group session followed by a 6 week workshop schedule if desired.

Hand drums and percussion instruments are provided. However, personal instruments are required for personal practice between classes. 

Deke's encouragement and support make the learning experience satisfying as well as fun.

All classes focus on drumming and percussion technique including -   

  • Listening
  • Learning Fixed Parts
  • Quality of Sound
  • Jamming
  • Leading

All ages and levels are welcome.

All instruction begins with an assessment of current skills and overall goals.

Deke’s musical ability is as awesome as his pep talks. He really made me feel at ease and brought my confidence level above what it was when I began drumming.
— Allison Lahikainen, Platform One, New Paltz, NY
Deke proves that learning is directly proportional to the amount of fun we’re having!
— Debra Vallett, Sixth Grade Teacher, Williamsville, NY
We knew Deke would be a great teacher for our son.
— Richard & Jodi Gardner, Patterson Township, PA
He has incredible patience with his students and treats each of them as an individual.
— Kevin & Barb Cooke, Beaver Falls, PA