Music is what thought sounds like

                                                                             Download Black Cat Otis and Hot Grits music and enjoy other cuts from some of Deke's favorite work with greats friends and musicians. 

Life's Got a Rhythm

Deke Kincade & Dave Hanner

This place where i come from

Sponsored by the Beaver County (PA) Bicentennial Committee; Written and produced by Deke Kincade and Dave Hanner; Arranged by Dave Hanner; Recorded at Play On Recording, Bakerstown and at Jeree's Records, New Brighton, PA August 1 - October 15, 1999; Engineered by Jerry Reed and Dave Hanner; Mixed by Jerry Reed, Dave Hanner, and Deke Kincade; Mastered by Chris Procopio at Pro Audio, Pittsburgh, PA; Photography by Kevin Cooke, Graule Studios, Rochester, PA.

The Beaver County Bicentennial Celebration was honored to receive recognition from the White House Millennial Council. 

Dave Hanner (lead vocals, guitar, and mandolin); Deke Kincade (drums and vocals); Jack Sanso (vocals and harmonica); Paul Turnbull (guitar); Joe Monroe (keyboards).Randy Venturini (bass); Donna Groom (vocals); Yolanda Barber (vocals).


Executive Producers Deke Kincade, Joan Kelly- Kincade and Bob Fadden; Produced by Dave Hanner; Recorded, engineered, & mixed by Dave Hanner at Play On Recording, Bakerstown, PA 2003-2005; Joe Negri recorded by Al Snyder at Alby Road, Pgh; Mastered by Jake Hanner, Play On Recording; Arrangements by Black Cat Otis and Dave Hanner; Packaging and Art Direction by Joan Kelly Kincade; Photograph by Patrick Hall.

Jack Sanso (harmonica); Deke Kincade (drums & percussion); Paul Turnbull (guitar);  Mike Marcinko (electric & upright bass); Mike Wienand (guitar).

Black Cat Otis Who's Otis?

Recorded live at Good Spirits, Beaver Falls, PA July 27, 1997; Executive Producers - Mark Lustfield and Evie Adams; Produced by Black Cat Otis; Recorded by David Granati at Dave World Productions, Ambridge, PA except Congo Square recorded and engineered by Jerry Reed at Jeree's Records, New Brighton, PA; Engineered and mixed by David Granati; Mastered by David Granati and Herman Granati; Cover concept and art direction - Deke Kincade, Jack Sanso, Joan Kelly; Photograph by Kevin Cooke, Graule Studios, Rochester, PA

John Rizzi,(guitar)

Jake Robinson (bass)

Jack Sanso (harmonica)

Deke Kincade (drums & percussion) 

Black Cat Otis unreleased

Enjoy some terrific unreleased recordings with the exceptional talents of Scooter White and Jeff Ingersoll. Hound Dog and Little Brown Bird recorded, engineered, and mixed by Jeff Ingersoll at Mojo Boneyard Studio, Pittsburgh, PA; King Bee, I'm Ready and Lyda Mae recorded, engineered and mixed by Jerry Reed at Jeree's Records, New Brighton, PA.

WYEP 91.3 FM (NPR) Presents Blues From the 'Burgh   

A benefit album for the Greater Pittsburgh Food Bank. Produced at Mojo Boneyard Studio, Pittsburgh, PA.  1999; Black Cat Otis tracks recorded live at Thursday's, Bridgewater, PA; Engineered and mixed by Jeff Ingersoll; Art Direction and design by Michel Moan at Moran Design; Project conceived by Jeff Ingersoll and Howard Kozy.

John Rizzi, guitar; Jack Sanso, harmonica; Deke Kincade, drums & percussion; Jake Robinson, bass.


For those folks with great memories and even greater ears:  Some of the following music was recorded, engineered and mixed by Jerry Reed and Don Garvin at Jerree's Studio in New Brighton, PA. circa 1980. Some tunes were recorded live on a hand-held cassette recorder during a gig at King's Inn in New Brighton during the same period.

Easy to tell which is which - if you were there you will think it is worth the scratchy noise to go back to King's Inn on a Saturday night. If you were not there, you missed a good time and some incredible music - but you can give it a try now.

Don Garvin (guitar); Robert Peckman (vocals and bass); Brooks Whipple (keyboards); Roz Miller (vocals); Dale Miller (guitar); Deke Kincade (drums).


Executive Produced by Henry DeLuca; Produced by Joe Rock and Henry DeLuca; Recorded at Jeree's Studio, New Brighton, PA.  1991; Recorded, mixed, and engineered by Don Garvin; Cover design and graphics by Elias/Savion; Cover photography by Ed Kubancek; Management: Henry DeLuca

Vocals: Ron Crawley, Frank Czuri, Susan DeLuca, Sidney Hill, Robert Peckman
Musicians: Robert Peckman (bass & conga); Don Garvin (guitar); Larry Siefers (keyboards, saxaphone, harmonica); Deke Kincade (drums)                                   Guest Artists: Ted Reynolds (bass); Vince Ruffini (baritone sax); Nick Dialosio (tenor sax); Ralph Guzzi (trumpet)

A Tribute to Andy M. Stewart It's All in the Song

Executive Producer - Richard C. Jackson: Produced by Bruce Foley and Mike Gallagher; Associate Producer: Les Getchell; Engineered, recorded, and mixed by Al Snyder at Alby Road Studio, Pittsburgh, PA.  2006; Graphic Design by Larkin Werner

Guaranteed Irish: Bruce Foley (guitar, tin whistle, irish low whistle); Paddy Folan (accordion); Jimmy Lamb (bass); with Deke Kincade (drums and percussion).

Guaranteed irish We Won't Come Home 'til Morning

Executive Produced by Paul Loftus: Recorded, engineered, and mixed by Al Snyder at Albey Studios, Pittsburgh,PA 2007; Graphic Design by Larkin Werner, Wall-to-Wall Studios.  

Guaranteed Irish: Bruce Foley (guitar, tin whistle, irish low whistle); Paddy Folan (accordion); Jimmy Lamb (bass); with Deke Kincade (drums and percussion).Featuring Dave Hanner (electric and acoustic guitars); Emma Foley (tin whistle).

Kody Storm Blowin' Through

Produced by Nick Boldi; Recorded, engineered, and mastered by Jerry Reed and Don Garvin at Jeree's Records, New Brighton, PA.  1991.

Kody Storm (vocals and guitar); Brooks Whipple (keyboards); Don Garvin (bass); Scooter White (harmonica); Deke Kincade (drums); Roz Miller (vocals).

Jimmy Wetzel Save Some for Later

Produced by Z-10 Records Etc. Recorded and mastered by Dave Granati at Dave World Studios, Ambridge, PA. 1998.

Jimmy Wetzel (vocals, guitar, bass); David Granati (guita); Hermie Granati (keyboards); Will E. Tri (harmonica); Deke Kincade (drums).                                           

Without Music, Life Would Be a Mistake.
— Friedrich Nietzsche